Parish Vision

The Churches of St Faith's, St Mary's and St Wilfrid's -  the people of God in this Parish seek to be a reflection of the Trinity: that is seen and expressed in particular ways and in particular places. All are equal and all are valued, all have a contribution to make,
and all seek to recognise the gifts of others.

To do this we need to address:

  • How we are centred on prayer and worship.
  • How we communicate internally, and externally, effectively.
  • How we seek to make all welcome and improve accessibility.
  • How we grow as a team while recognising individual (both Churches and people) strengths and weaknesses.
  • How we encourage social activities which are quality and affordable.
  • How we develop, value, and use our resources - both buildings and people.

To do this we will have an agreed plan, which is reviewed regularly.

The PCC identified 5 key areas for the vision and the plan that will follow

  • Prayer
  • Communication
  • Inclusivity
  • Balance of Team/Individual
  • Resources of people and buildings.

There is a meeting each year of the DCCs and PCC to review this Vision and the plan that emerges from it.

The Trinity is seen as a useful model - all are equal, all have a common nature - the deity - but all 3 persons have an individuality and distinct identity; yet all 3 live in perfect unity and draw others into that relationship.

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