Portsea Parish Covid-19 Update 21/03/2020

I hope all has been well with you since I last contacted you – and I hope that you have been joining us to pause and pray at 9am & 5pm each day. It has been a wonderful response from our community of faith in sharing in that time and reflecting on how we discern Christ’s presence with us in the all the struggles and uncertainties that are around us.  

This is an update and reminder on a few things.

We are committed to Being with God and Being with others through our shared life of prayer and care. You can join us in this life of prayer and care.

TO VIEW LIVE SERVICES or the last service that was broadcast go to https://www.portseaparish.co.uk/live-services .

You will find links to service sheets on the https://www.portseaparish.co.uk home page and a list of upcoming services that will be streamed.


Every day at 9am & 5pm we pause to pray – please join us (you can use the Church of England website or Daily Prayer app for resources).


Every day the Church will be open from 9am to 5pm you are welcome to use the space and stillness and pray (please respect other people’s space and follow national hygiene advice).

The sacrament is on the High Altar as a sign and reminder of Christ’s presence with us and to enable those who wish to share in spiritual communion.


Every Day (except Sundays) there will be a daily reflection from the Noon Eucharist celebrated in the Parish which you can listen to here: https://www.portseaparish.co.uk/daily-reflections. Another invitation to pause and pray.


If you have particular prayer requests please send them to us in a Facebook private message to St Mary’s Church or email vicar@portseaparish.co.uk

Mothering Sunday

This service will be live streamed at 10am  – go to https://www.portseaparish.co.uk/live-services or go direct to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PfTaSHZT-Q just before 10am tomorrow Sunday 22nd March to follow the service. You can view/download the service sheet here

As a sign of God’s care for us and our care for each other Blessed Flowers will be available for collection from 11am outside the church if you wish to deliver to someone who cares for you or to someone self-isolating. Please feel free to come and collect them anytime before 4pm. If you can’t come to the Church perhaps you could also leave a small bunch of flowers or a gift on a neighbours doorstep – we are posting the following message through the door of all we deliver to – please feel free to copy

These flowers are for you as a sign of our love and care

These flowers are for you as a reminder of God’s love and care for you

These flowers are for you as we prayed for you today

On the back

If you need support or we can help in any way please phone

023 92 814444

Or email vicar@portseaparish.co.uk

Join us in pausing for prayer at 9am and 5pm wherever you are

Or follow us on Facebook or via our website


Then in the afternoon Revd Sam’s Licensing  will also be streamed as above at 4pm – please join us in praying for and with Sam as she begins her ministry here.  You can find the service sheet here.

Finally, we have been showing our care through seeking to contact everyone from our 3 churches and their worshipping communities. A team have worked hard over the last few days and have contacted well over 300 people .. there are a few left and we hope to find out about them soon. Thank you to those who have responded by email to let us know how they are and what they are doing. If you have not yet been in touch I’d love to hear from you.

It is not an easy time as every time we take a step forward the sands seem to shift and we are less sure footed – the one thing we need to remember is that there is one secure foundation which we can have confidence in and that is the presence of Christ with us.

With best wishes and prayers
Father Bob

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