Easter in Lockdown 3

Streamed Services

  • Sunday Eucharist 10am from St Mary’s
  • Said Eucharist Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Noon
  • Saturday at noon is Saturday Stillness with music, a reading and prayers by the clergy and a reflection by Fr Bruce.

You can pick up live streams on our portseaparish.co.uk/live-services, our Youtube Channel,  or if you have a facebook account on the St Mary’s Facebook page at facebook.com/PortseaParish.  There is a Daily Reflection available at portseaparish.co.uk/dailyreflections each day.

The Eastertide service sheet for Sundays is available here.
The Eastertide mid-week service sheet is available here.

Worship in Church

  • Sunday 8am Book of Common Prayer Communion St Mary’s Church.
  • Sunday 9am Eucharist at St Faith’s Church.
  • Sunday 10am Eucharist with choir at St Mary’s Church which is streamed.
  • Sunday 4pm Eucharist at St Wilfrid’s Church.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Noon said Eucharist at St Mary’s Church.

St Mary’s is open Monday to Friday from 9am – Noon for private prayer.

As we are still in Lockdown, no mingling is permitted indoors, but it is allowed to chat with one group of up to 6 outdoors while maintaining social distance.  We will be asking everyone to simply enter the Church and sit down without pausing for conversations.  At the end of the service the Priest will indicate how to leave in a staggered way so we can keep the exit routes clear and enable all present to simply and quietly walk out.  If you are able to join us please do help us and everyone to maintain and respect each other’s space and follow any guidance given.

As before if you wish to be at a service it will help us to know in advance please contact myself (vicar@portseaparish.co.uk), or Revd Sam (assocvicar@portseaparish.co.uk) or Revd Sue (sue.whitelock@portseaparish.co.uk).

For special services see the Events List.