Worship in Lockdown 3

Streamed Services

  • Sunday Eucharist 10am from St Mary’s
  • Said Eucharist Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Noon
  • Saturday at noon is Saturday Stillness with music, a reading and prayers by the clergy and a reflection by Fr Bruce.

You can pick up live streams on our portseaparish.co.uk/live-services, our Youtube Channel,  or if you have a facebook account on the St Mary’s Facebook page at facebook.com/PortseaParish.  There is a Daily Reflection available at portseaparish.co.uk/dailyreflections each day. 
The service sheet for Eucharist services during the Christmas Season is available here.
The service sheet for Music and Readings for the Epiphany Season on Sunday 17th January at 4pm is available here.

Worship in Church

There will be no public worship in any of the 3 Churches in St Mary’s Parish.  St Mary’s is open every day from 9am – Noon for private prayer. On Sundays it will be open from 8am – 9.30 and then from 11am – Noon.

For special services see the Events List.