Worship during COVID-19

Streamed Services

  • Sunday 10am from St Mary’s Church
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from St Mary’s at Noon
  • Saturday at noon is Saturday Stillness with music, a reading and prayers by the clergy and a reflection by Fr Bruce.

You can pick up the live stream on our portseaparish.co.uk/live-services, our Youtube Channel,  or if you have a facebook account on the St Mary’s Facebook page at facebook.com/PortseaParish.
The service sheet for Sundays is available here.
The service sheet for the Daily Eucharist is available here.

Worship in Church

Please note that there will be a Parish Service 10am on 25th October followed by the Parish AGM – there will be no services at St Faith’s nor St Wilfrid’s that day.

  • Sunday 8am Book of Common Prayer Communion St Mary’s Church
  • Sunday 9am said Eucharist at St Faith’s Church except 25th October
  • Sunday 10am Eucharist with choir at St Mary’s Church
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Noon said Eucharist at St Mary’s Church
  • Sunday 4pm said Eucharist at St Wilfrid’s Church except 25th October

For those wishing to attend the service in Church, as guidance on safety reduces the number of seats available it will help our planning for each service if you could email vicar@portseaparish.co.uk to indicate you wish to attend, and observe instructions on social distancing and hygiene when you arrive.  We request that all who attend public worship in our Churches wear a face covering which is now a requirement from the British Government from 8th August (unless they are in a group which is exempt from wearing them – see Government guidance or contact one of the Ministry team for details).

For special services see the Events List.  Join the Events Email List here.