New cycle of streamed and public services from 30th May with a list of future events.

News and planned events for May 2021

Learn when the renowned St Mary’s May Fayre will be now it is postponed and what the Parish hopes to provide instead for the date it was originally going to be held.

This year there will be no procession, but we will gather as a Parish together to mark the start of Holy Week. There will be a 10am Service at St Mary’s (as well as an 8am Eucharist) and we will bless palm crosses. Let us know if you hope to be there.

The signs of Spring and hope continue to appear around us and this seems to reflect the general sense of hope that has followed the announcement of the Government’s Road Map and the rollout of the vaccination programme (I am having mine this week).

As we continue to journey through Lent and the wilderness, we can begin to think about our journey back to sharing in public worship.

To address the physical well-being because of the transmission rates of the virus at present and the need to restrict contact and transmission from one household to another we will be ceasing public worship in the 3 Churches from Wednesday 6th January.

We will be continuing to mark the 12 days of Christmas and invite you to share in that with us.

This time is different to last time, but we will continue to focus our life together on our being with God in prayer, being with others in worship and care, and being with the rest of creation in service. We invite you to share the journey with us.

We are requesting that all who attend public worship in our Churches wear a face covering(unless they are in a group which is exempt from wearing them –see Government guidance or contact one of the Ministry team for details)

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