We all love stories and each of us has a powerful story to tell about how we come to know God more and more and what our faith means to us

Service Sheets for Holy Week

Normally this week I would be sending out an email or leaflet inviting you to join us for Holy Week and to find time and space to walk with Christ.

Palm Sunday 2020 Service Sheet

This would have been the week for us to publish the April Parish Magazine. Sadly, this is not possible as we cannot easily access the Office to print and circulate. However, we have managed to put together some material available on our website (portseaparish.co.uk) and Social Media (PortseaParish).

Ways to worship during Holy Week when we can’t be together.

A simple version of Morning and Evening prayer.

As we come to terms with the announcement Monday evening, we want to reassure you that our commitment to praying and caring as the Body of Christ will be as strong as ever.

Information on how to access live streaming of services, service sheets as well as arrangements for Mothering Sunday and Rev’d Sam’s Licensing.

Since I first contacted you in response to the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, as I am sure you are aware, things have moved on.

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