9th & 10th Sunday’s after Trinity Sunday

8th Sunday after Trinity Sunday 22nd July 2018

7th Sunday after Trinity Sunday 15th July 2018

6th Sunday after Trinity Sunday 8th July 2018

June 2018 Saint Wilfrid’s News As with the other two churches, the May Fayre dominated the start of May – thank you to everyone from the Church who helped us to run our stalls. We have been encouraged to be realistic about what we can do and do that well rather than to overstretch ourselves…

June 2018 Saint Faith’s News It’s hard to decide what the highlight of the past month has been. Was it the fun we had, the welcome we offered and the money we raised at the May Fayre, as part of the wider parish? Or was it the fun we had, and the money and awareness…

June 2018 Saint Mary’s News The May Fayre experienced what one person described as “The Goldilocks effect” – last year was “too cold” and many people were saying this year was “too hot”! It certainly was a glorious day – the hottest early May Bank Holiday on record – and the sun shone all day….

Sometimes through the seemingly diverse things we do, a common thread appears. We notice that a conversation topic with a friend seems to be repeated in a TV programme and then pops up in something we are reading and then again in a comment made by someone else at work. Over the last few weeks…

5th Sunday after Trinity Sunday 1st July 2018

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