Things are sprouting up all over the place at Saint Wilfrid’s …

Thanks to SWISHERS flc there is a mass production of Brussels Sprouts (well, papier-mâché sprouts) as they prepare for the Christmas Season. The reason is related to the Christian Aid Christmas Campaign which is encouraging us to think about how we should not waste the food we have – even the dreaded Brussels Sprout! – as there are many in Africa who struggle to grow and find enough food to survive.

The money raised through the campaign will go to help farmers overseas in growing more crops. The Sprouts that have been created will adorn the Saint Wilfrid’s building, but will also be turned into ‘collecting boxes’, inviting people to share their 1p and 2p. We hope that the other two churches in the Parish may also have some sprouts, so we can all get involved and think about ‘not wasting’ our food, and how we can help those in need overseas. These will also be linked to the Christmas Card in the Church which will also support the Christian Aid scheme – with the Government match funding donations pound for pound.

In the midst of the sprouts Saint Wilfrid’s has continued to host Coffee Mornings and Charity Lunches – thank you to all of those who help to organise and serve at these events. They also provide a great opportunity for people to meet together and enjoy each other’s company. Please note the Charity Lunch in December will be on the 14th (the 2nd Thursday).

In between writing this and you reading it, the Christmas Fair will have happened. Once again, this event will be a great team effort with members of the congregation working with SWISHERS and others to ensure all who come have a great time – and, hopefully, pick up some good bargains! If you were there – thank you for your support!

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