March 2018
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When is a cup of tea a sacrament? Well, according to the official doctrines of the Church – it isn’t really. But there is something deeply sacramental about all life. Small gestures of kindness and care can help to build us up as the body of Christ. A cup of tea shared is a conversation, refreshment, giving time to listening and exchange, a sign of love.

On a recent Sunday at Saint Faith’s I was busy talking to someone when another person came and handed me a cuppa. It was a small act of kindness which I acknowledged but barely noticed.

As we journey through Lent, it is time for us to notice more. To celebrate the kindness and hospitality of others, to put out an extra cup ourselves, in whatever way we can.

Perhaps it’s worth exploring too, the story behind our cup of tea – the fresh water we have so plenteously when others do not. The tea grown and harvested far away, by hands we will never see. The milk from farms in the UK, which form such an important part of our beautiful landscape.

The community at Saint Faith’s are supporting the Bishop’s Lent Appeal, which this year will give support to people who have been forced from their homes. Many of these people have neither drinking water, nor tea, nor a cup to their name, and perhaps few friendly hands to notice their thirst and provide for them.

We are also enthusiastically supporting the “For the Love of Portsmouth” environmental day (10th March at Saint Mary’s). At “For the Love of Portsmouth” we’re looking forward to exploring ways of being good neighbours to the rest of creation.

All of this forms part of our keeping of Lent. As Canon Bruce reminded us recently, it’s a time of finding new life and growth through the symbols of ash, desert and the cross. Ash enriching the soil of our souls, the desert full of miraculous growth, the cross a gateway to new life.

Enjoy your cup of tea. Take time to pause and listen. Be refreshed. #LiveLent

Rev. Barbara

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