I am currently in a familiar sequence of events – a bit like riding a roller coaster. There is the build up through Lent to the intensity of Holy Week and then the Easter celebrations. We then pause briefly to enjoy the ‘new life of Christ’ before it feels like the ride is off again as we plunge towards the preparations for the 3 Church and then Parish AGMs, another brief pause as we celebrate the life of the Parish and give thanks for the last year, before there is that sinking feeling once more as we rush headlong towards … yes, the May Fayre! A truly varied and exciting ride from Ash Wednesday to post May Fayre, but one which is marked by a common theme. All of these things require a lot of preparation and planning and a lot of effort by a large number of people.

Those who merely turn up on the day – of the AGM, or Easter or the Fayre – see and hopefully enjoy the results of a lot of unseen and sometimes unrecognised work. Much of what we take for granted in the life of our Parish happens through the dedication and skills of a number of people who give generously of their time and skills – people like Treasurers, wardens, those who organise our social events, cleaners, flower arrangers, musicians … I am sure you could add your own list and names. Likewise our celebrations of Holy Week and Easter are only possible through similar dedication and commitment. Certainly, the May Fayre would not happen at all without the work put in by a number of the people booking stalls, arranging the events in the arena, various administration tasks etc.

This time of year gives us a chance to enjoy so many different things – perhaps this year you could pause for a while and give thanks for all of those people (many unseen) who have made it all possible. You may also think about how you can help and support us in some way. But most of all perhaps find some time to thank God for all he does for us every day, and how he accompanies us on our journey through life with all its ups and downs!

Father Bob

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