This year the early date for Easter has given us an opportunity to hold our Annual meetings in the space between Easter and the May Fayre. As always, the link between these events is one that occupies my mind (and my time!). There is much in common between them – as they all remind us of the life of the Parish and the wider community of which we are a part. They also remind us of how fortunate we are to have a large number of people who use their skills and gifts, their time and energy, to help us be who we are as the people of God in the heart of the city.
The PCC prepares for the meetings by reflecting on the year past and seeks to identify how we are using the resources we have both of people, buildings and finances in the service of God and our Parish vision. This year we were asked by the Diocese to also reflect on the Diocesan ‘Live – Pray – Serve’ framework. How are we making disciples, growing churches, enabling lifelong learning and transforming society?
The PCC explored this and reflected on how most of what we do is related in some way to these themes; from the Julian Prayer Group to the May Fayre; from our support of those being baptised and married to our Parish Panto; from the work of SWISHERS to the Older Person’s Project. These activities are not ‘isolated’ but are integral parts of our life as the people of God and they all help us in our growth and our witness to the presence of the risen Christ in our lives and in our communities.
The May Fayre reminds of the rich tapestry that makes up those communities and how much we are a natural part of them. The sense of welcoming people and celebrating with them is an important part of the day (possibly more than the amount we fundraise). The Sacred Space and the opportunity to listen to the Choir and Organ are as important parts of the day as the Morris Men and the Beer Tent. Our sharing of ‘life in all its fullness’ is part of our Christian calling and touches on all of the Diocesan themes.
All of this can only happen because of the part that each and every person plays – this year at all the meetings I have been thanking everyone for that part they play – be it a high profile one, or simply and quietly holding all we do in prayer at home.
Thank you for your support and prayer – and for all you do.
Father Bob

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