Good News!

As we continue to celebrate the Good News of the Resurrection, I’ve been thinking how much has happened since Holy Week. How many miles have some of us walked or travelled since then? Some have made journeys of discovery and refreshment, some have had the profound challenge of putting one foot in front of the other when our bodies are struggling, some are walking familiar paths, and others are venturing out into new places and experiences.

Week-by-week, the Gospel book is brought into our midst and we are given the Good News in word and sacrament. Those words move within us, and we carry them onwards wherever we go. We’re not just sharing the Good News, we are being it, seeing it, living in it, and bringing all this back to our gathered community, to our shared worship.

Our Annual Meeting is a time of reflection on the life and growth of Saint Faith’s community over the past year. We’ll mark the passing of beloved companions, and celebrate the arrival of new members of our community. We’ll be grateful for so much service given with love and joy, and we’ll note the needs which are arising for fresh input, for other hands to stretch, other gifts to be shared.

On 7th May, we’ll join with the whole parish to welcome thousands of visitors to the May Fayre. It may look like a stall selling best quality bric-a-brac, plants, and homemade goodies, but it will really be a sign and an offering of the Good News, a chance to meet others, to serve, to offer and receive good cheer and a friendly smile.

As we continue on our own paths, and on our shared path, we keep that Good News of encounter with the risen Christ in our hearts and hands and voices.

Rev. Barbara

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