The on-going conversations are continuing at Saint Wilfrid’s as we continue to seek to discern the guidance of the Holy Spirit as to the best way forward.
A small group of Church members have volunteered to meet with Father Bob to explore some possible changes we can make that would help us to engage with others and to draw them into worship and lives of service with us.
Some of these may be simple things – always leaving the big gates open with perhaps some suitable banners on the railings. Others may be more challenging – developing a Messy Church with the whole Parish midweek or holding our main service at a different time on a Saturday evening or a Sunday. All of these are merely ideas to encourage us to try to think beyond ‘what we do’ and to think about what we could become.
If you have any thoughts or suggestions, do please let Father Bob know so they can be shared with the working Group. This Group will report to the DCC in October with a further report to the November PCC – where we will need to start making some decisions.
It is important to be clear that at the moment there is no consideration of a closure which would happen overnight. It does not encourage people to come along – or to join SWISHERS – if they are hearing that it is shutting down. If you hear anyone saying that it is closing or it will be closed, could you gently correct them and make clear that is not the case. The PCC were very clear when it met that this should not be the message that we share with the wider community and is not a decision that has been made. Your help with this would be appreciated.
During the Summer alongside SWISHERS Summer Club there has been a weekly Bingo session on a Monday from 1.30 – 3.30 p.m. Thank you to Chris Wiltshire who has led this – and revealed a hidden talent as a caller! – and to all who have supported it . There has been great support from the wider Parish – thank you to them. The sessions have been great fun and even the clergy have learnt the art of dabbing – and sometimes even winning (not sure Father Bob has yet been forgiven for winning a line the first game he played!). It is hoped that the Bingo will continue into the Autumn – please watch out for more details on weekly sheets and in Churches.
Lastly, we are delighted that we will be moving the World War One items that are dispersed in the Church into the Lounge over the next few weeks to create a display and information for all who come to the Church. This will be building on the work of the 20 Streets Project. We are currently planning an evening of celebrations to coincide with the Centenary celebrations for the ending of the War – we hope this will be on Wednesday 7th November – again watch out for further details.

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